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The Artists Sanctum

The Artist's Sanctum helps creatives address pressing socio-political issues by fostering a community centered around education, funding, and exposure. Our collective strives to unite creatives with journalists, philanthropists, and fellow change-makers who share in our common goal to elevate revolutionary art that engages the public in bold new ways. A.S. provides a platform to shift consciousness through art by empowering robust discourse on the issues of our time.

At A.S., we host a monthly forum every first Monday for creatives from around the world to gather, share stories, and engage with the most critical and pressing issues of our time. Every month, we invite prominent filmmakers, photojournalists, authors, and artists, to present and discuss their work. A.S. aims to inspire, spread knowledge, and bring people together. We seek to leverage the power of community and ideas to elevate conversation and inspire social change. The community we foster is an open and intimate environment to share ideas and contemplate solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems-- one where featured guests and presenters can interact and share their perspectives.