It is the generous contributions of the esteemed members of our community like YOU who make The Artists' Sanctum possible. Or salons and grants are directly funded by your contributions. One of our central tenants is making art accessible and in keeping with this value, our salons are free and open to the public but to continue to hold our salon series and to fund the inspiring and transformative work of artists seeking change in our world we rely on a value for value exchange.

Your tax-deductible gift will help The Artists' Sanctum give artists a platform to share and create works of art that help shape society.

We believe in value-for-value, if art brings value to your life, please help us bring more of it to the world. Together we can use art to transform the world around us.

For donations by check or questions, please contact us at


Associate Producer


Associate Producers are the backbone of The Artists' Sanctum community. As an Associate Producer, your contribution supports the daily operations at the Sanctum, allowing us to sustain our free programming and broaden our (and your) community. We honor Associate Producers with a Producer credit on our website and in the post-salon emails. Associate Producers also receive advance notice of all events with priority access when capacity is limited.

Executive Producer


Executive Producers are a dedicated group of patrons who are invested in supporting artists focused on socio-political progress. Executive Producers directly support our speaker honorarium fund, allowing us to be a platform for a diverse range of artists from around the world. Your contribution brings artists into our community for a collective experience of learning and growth. To celebrate your contribution, Executive Producers will be acknowledged “on-air” during the Salon your contribution supports, they will also receive a signed & editioned Print by founder Essam Attia, alongside a Producer credit on our website and advanced notice of all events with priority access when capacity is limited.

Inner Circle: Salon Series Sponsor


As a member of The Artists' Sanctum Inner Circle, your support builds the resources necessary to continue and expand our salon series, making them one-of-a-kind experiences shaped by unique locations and creative dining. Our Inner Circle is directly responsible for ensuring that the Salon series lives on into the 2021 Season as a free platform for the public to experience socio-political art. In addition to the benefits of Executive Producers, members of our Inner Circle will have one-on-one time with our Founders, as well as the opportunity to help plan the programming for an upcoming Salon.​​​

 Inner Sanctum: Public Engagement Program Sponsor


Inner Sanctum members are supporters of the most important work we do at The Artists' Sanctum. Your contribution directly subsidizes our public engagement program, which is specifically designed to bring consciousness-shifting art to the forefront of American political discourse. You play a central role in executing The Artists Sanctum’s mission by funding public works that shape our society. In addition to the benefits granted to Inner Circle members, you will also be invited to participate in our grant selection process. Best of all, you will have the unique opportunity to join us at our annual Founders’ Retreat, where we gather to brainstorm and bond while refining a shared vision of The Artists' Sanctums’ future.