Lara Baladi

Board of Directors

Lara Baladi is an internationally recognized Egyptian-Lebanese multi-disciplinary artist, archivist, and educator. Her artistic practice spans from photography, video, sculpture to architecture, and multi-media installations. Through a process of investigation into archives, her work examines the divide between reality, fiction, and fantasy while questioning memory, mythological and socio-political narratives, personal histories, and History.

Baladi’s social and political engagement goes beyond her artistic practice. For more than twenty years, she has been on the Board of two of the most influential institutions in the Middle East, the Arab Image Foundation in Lebanon, and the Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art in Egypt. During the 2011 Egyptian uprisings, under the umbrella title, Vox Populi, she began collecting iconography of protests. From this ongoing archive of data on the 2011 Egyptian revolution and other global, past and present, social movements, the artist has produced various projects, including media initiatives, art installations, and publications. Since 2015, she has been a Lecturer in MIT’s Program in Art, Culture, and Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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