Karma & Heartless


Jun 4 2018

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Karma - Haunted by memories of his past life, a gifted ten year old boy is looking for his ex wife in his search for answers. Events unfold as they coincidentally go into confession with the same priest.

Heartless - Heartless is a short story about a bitter businessman's journey to find his long lost heart.

Presented By: The Writer and Director

Irmak Tisindi

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Irmak Tasindi is an award winning filmmaker who was born and raised in Turkey, educated at the German High School of Istanbul. She attended Brown University in the U.S. where she double majored in History of Art and Architecture, and Economics. She worked as an investment banker at Citibank headquarters in New York. Always conflicted between her analytical mind and creative soul, Irmak quit her job at Citi and travelled around the world with her camera. She found herself writing fantastical stories that took place in the real world. To combine her passion for storytelling and photography, Irmak attended a one year Directing program  at the New  York  Film  Academy.  She  created  three  short  movies  in the  magical realism genre; Heartless, Karma and Pandora’s Box, all of which won numerous film festival awards. Irmak is currently working on an episodic story.