The Artist’s Sanctum exhibits and finances underrepresented artists focused on social change. We believe that art can be a catalyst for a more free and equitable society and our primary goal is to help creatives address contemporary problems through community-centered funding, exposure, and education initiatives. Our network unites artists, writers, journalists, and filmmakers with fellow change-makers around a common goal: to engage the public in bold and meaningful ways through revolutionary art. Our outlook is overwhelmingly hopeful - through art and discourse we can take charge of our uncertain future together while making meaningful changes in the present.


As an alternative institution focused on revolutionary thought and action, we give creatives a platform to shift awareness towards the socio-political issues that feel most urgent to them. Ultimately, by amplifying their voices, we can create new avenues of understanding and strategies to reshape our world. 


Our work at the Artists’ Sanctum is divided into three main pillars: funding, exposure, and education. As a grant-giving organization, our mission is to fund timely public artworks that catalyze socio-political change on micro and macro scales. We develop a close working relationship with our grant recipients, take a holistic and integrated approach to community, project, and artist support. Alongside the financial award, we provide grantees with necessary logistical, creative, and developmental assistance in order to realize the furthest extent of their vision and share it with the largest possible public. 


Education to us is both an inward and outward motion, exemplified by our monthly Artists Sanctum Salon series. The salon series is a forum for creatives from around the world to gather, share stories, and engage with the critical issues facing humanity. As our foundational action, the salons are a space for robust discourse and essential community-building. Every month, we invite forward-thinking creators from a variety of disciplines including fine art, film, photojournalism, literature, and academia to present and discuss their work in an intimate setting. Within the salon, our presenters and community share ideas, problematize each other’s positions, and contemplate solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. Through the salons, we leverage the power of community to elevate conversation, from the inside out. 

Freedom of thought and the open exchange of ideas form the basis of a truly equitable society, but today creatives working towards social change are at risk of persecution. As the Artists Sanctum develops a broader community of politically active and engaged artists and patrons, we will build alternatives to the structural and institutional roadblocks faced by artists and ordinary citizens, and create new avenues for communication, expression, and exchange. 


Stay tuned for updates on new initiatives.