Salon No. 10

Comic Relief 

An evening of humor to

take the edge off the election jitters.

At The Artists' Sanctum, we host a monthly forum every first Monday for creatives from around the world to gather, share stories, and engage with the most critical and pressing issues of our time. Every month, we invite prominent filmmakers, photojournalists, authors, and artists, to present and discuss their work. A.S. aims to inspire, spread knowledge, and bring people together. We seek to leverage the power of community and ideas to elevate conversation and inspire social change. The community we foster is an open and intimate environment to share ideas and contemplate solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems-- one where featured guests and presenters can interact and share their perspectives.

Date and Time

Monday, Nov. 2nd, 7 PM ET

Registration Required

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We figured you might be freaking out the night before the election. We certainly will be. So we decided to turn November's salon into the Artists' Sanctum's very first comedy show!! 

We've invited three incredible comics: Suzie Afridi, Erik Angel, and Tehran Von Ghasri to share their work with us. Afterward, we'll hold a roundtable about the role of comedy in activism and social justice.

These folks are hilarious, brilliant, and socially engaged. We're so excited that they want to share their unique voices with us.


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Suzie Afridi
Suzie Afridi is a Palestinian-American former tax accountant who fell into a midlife crisis and came out a comedian. She produces and curates a monthly comedy show called Amreeka. She has performed at the Cinder Block Comedy Festival and at The Moth.

Erik Angel 
An Israeli-Jewish comedian and the founder/producer of the Comedy for Peace Show. Now based on the Upper West Side. Erik performs at West Side Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, and the Broadway Comedy Club, as well as performing internationally.


Tehran Von Ghasri
A comedian, tv personality, actor, host, writer, and social activist. He has been featured on Comedy Central, HBO, and Fox. He has his own show at the World Famous Laugh Factory, Find him on his podcast Imperfect Gentlemen, or on Back to School w/ Maz Jobrani.  Find him: @IAmTehran