Salon No. 8

Co-Designing Labor 

A Conversation with Marisa Morán Jahn

At The Artists Sanctum, we host a monthly forum every first Monday for creatives from around the world to gather, share stories and engage with the most critical and pressing issues of our time. Every month, we invite prominent filmmakers, photojournalists, authors, and artists, to present and discuss their work. A.S. aims to inspire, spread knowledge, and bring people together. We seek to leverage the power of community and ideas to elevate conversation and inspire social change. The community we foster is an open and intimate environment to share ideas and contemplate solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems-- one where featured guests and presenters can interact and share their perspectives.

Date and Time

Tuesday, Sept. 8th, 8 PM ET

At Salon No. 8, artist Marisa Morán Jahn will share her dynamic and interactive work on the need for a new labor reform movement, perhaps with some dynamic audience engagement too! As an artist and labor rights advocate, Marisa has made this a central pillar of her work and like her, we at the Artists' Sanctum believe that humanity is stronger together and we can no longer allow for our political system to leave so many citizens behind.

Please join The Artists Sanctum on Tuesday, September 8th, at 8 PM ET for an interactive exploration of labor in America. In our usual community forum, we will close the evening with a lively discussion about Marisa's work and its implications in today's labor market.


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