Sunny Intervals and showers


Aug 13 2018

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Dr. Allan Levi was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and suspended from his job as a medical school Professor. As Allan changes careers, his wife Jackie and their three children struggle to cope in this intimate and at times funny portrait of a marriage and a family in crisis.

Events unfold on-screen as Allan starts a business distributing a new type of model airplane throughout England. Jackie, a doctor who met Allan while they trained in medicine together, must come to terms with the unexpected role of being a ‘carer’ for a mentally ill husband. But is Allan’s increasingly frenetic lifestyle evidence of illness, eccentricity, or simply hard work?

Michael Rabiger, best-selling author of Directing the Documentary, refers to Sunny Intervals as “a profound contribution…that portrays the mess of family life better than any film I can remember.” Through this unique and timeless film, we come to understand the dramatic reality of family life with mental illness – and also the surprising consequences of simply being labeled mentally ill.

Presented By: The films writer and producer

Jonathan Goodman Levitt



Jonathan is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and the founder of Changeworx. His films as a director and/or producer have been supported by broadcasters and funders including BBC, PBS, Netflix, NHK-Japan, Ford Foundation, Tribeca Film Institute and Sundance Institute. Documentaries he’s worked on have followed people from five continents for multiple years.

Changeworx’s latest is Among the Believers, which profiles a firebrand Pakistani cleric and two of his students. Made collaboratively by a Pakistani Muslim, Indian Hindu and American Jew (Jonathan), it’s played over 60 festivals in over 25 countries and won over thirty awards.  Jonathan’s Silver  Telly-winner  Follow  the

Leader (2012) premiered during the Republican and Democratic national conventions; was released by Angelika Film Center, PBS stations and Cinedigm; and was featured on C-Span, CNN and Fox. Sunny Intervals and Showers (2003) aired within the BBC’s flagship documentary series Storyville, and was nominated for Grierson and Mental Health Media Awards.


Jonathan was a Fulbright Scholar at the UK’s National Film & TV School (NFTS) in 1999, after studying psychology, painting, and political philosophy at Stanford. His current volunteer activities include serving on NY’s Fulbright Association Board as Co-Advocacy Chair, and as a co-mediator in arts disputes via Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA). After nearly a decade in London, Jonathan has been based in Brooklyn since 2008.